Stax Tutorial

Problem Statement

To build a robot which can rearrange blocks of different colours from a stack in a pattern by identifying the colours simultaneously moving across the stacks using line following.


  • Autonomous Traversal (Line Following)

  • Colour Identification

  • Sorting Algorithm

Components List

Materials Quantity
Arduino Uno 1
Motor Driver IC L293D 2
Chassis with gripper 1
Color sensor module TCS3200 1
Pair of /IR Sensor Array 1
DC Motors 2
Wheels 2
Castor Wheel 1
Jumper wires As required
Bread Board 1
Power supply for Arduino-5V 1
Power supply for Motor-as specified     1

Line Following

1.IR LED Pair

Working- IR sensor or an infrared sensor consists of an IR LED coupled with a photodiode. This pair is generally called an IR pair or photocoupler. An infrared sensor emits infrared radiations which are detected by the photodiode. Resistance of photodiode changes according to the amount of IR radiation falling on it, hence changing the voltage drop against it. Further, by using the voltage comparator (like LM358) we can sense the voltage change and generate the output accordingly.

Usage - To follow a line, we can use the difference in reflectivity of the line and surface.

Pseudo Code:

while(all IR pairs give low value)
	if (IR pair gives high value)


			turn in the direction to stop receiving high value


2.IR Sensor Array

For better accuracy we can use multiple IR LED pairs in an IR sensor array.

Colour Detection

A colour detection module senses the colour of the object in front of it. The module has four LEDs. Light from these diodes gets reflected by the object to reach the colour sensor TCS230. It provides the information about the colour by splitting it into the three primary components red, green and blue. The sensor has ability of high resolution conversion of light to frequency.

Refer to the colour detection tutorial for more details.

Sorting Algorithm

Sample case of a possible sorting algorithm is given below.