Stax FAQs

Q: How do I register for the event? Is there any abstract submission for the event?

Registration for the events has to be done from No abstract submission is required.

Q: How many members can be there in a team and how many team members can control the bot during the run??

There can be a maximum of 4 members in a team and only one member can hold the wires used for powering the bot during the run.

Q: What kind of micro controller can be used to control the locomotion and gripping of the robot?

Any 16 bit micro controller or below can be used for color detection, line following and picking the blocks. For example arduino, AVR etc.

Q: What will be the material of the block handle?

The block handle will be made of aluminium.

Q: What will be the dimensions of the blocks?

Size of blocks will be 6 cm * 6 cm * 6 cm.

Q: Can the bot be connected to a laptop during the run?

No. Laptop can be run only to burn the code prior to the run.

Q: What will happen if a block is dropped by the bot?

If the block is dropped by the bot, the block will placed where the bot wanted it to, by our team to avoid a restart. An incorrect deposition is not to be confused as dropping of the block.

Q: Are the non-waste blocks to be placed starting from open end or closed end?

In both the rounds, the blocks should be placed in the correct sequence starting from the opening of the main stack i.e. the last 3 and 2 places of the main stack will remain empty in rounds 1 and 2 respectively.

Q: After timeout what will be the orientation of the robot?

It will be the same as the position and orientation of the robot before the timeout. The final decision rests with Team Robotix.

Q: Are there any arrangements for the calibration of the sensors prior to the event?

A sample arena with sample blocks and color strips for calibration will be available to the participants throughout the fest. Participants will not be allowed to test their bots on the main arena.

Q: What strategy can be used by the user to input the final sequence in first round?

If participant wants to send the sequence information to the bot, they can do so using wireless communication or burning code through laptop.